Who Are We?

… a bio…a biography of who we are…we are a group of individuals who play and work together. We are musicians, artists, teachers, students, social workers, farmers, welders, engineers, chefs, retailers, conservationists, realists, and idealists.

Our focus is roots music–old time, old country, honky tonk, blues, jook joint and original music–traditional sounds to experiments beyond the accepted boundaries. Rural Grit has a stable of performers who create and perform in more than one of these genres.

Rural Gritters are linked by the belief that artists from the past laid down a foundation to be enhanced and built upon. They are encouraged and supported by like-minded musicians, family, and friends to express this belief.

Rural Grit is an exchange of ideas and information. Education is always at the forefront.

Rural Grit provides recording opportunities. We capture live recordings whenever possible.

…Rural Grit is a group of individuals who work and play together.

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